'The Jurassic Coast'
'The Jurassic Coast'

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The Jurassic Coast has so much more to offer than the usual tourist hotspots. Come and explore the World Heritage Site with us



We offer professionally guided walks, tours and fossil hunts anywhere along the full length of the Jurassic Coast and surrounding areas. There is so much to be discovered within the World Heritage site. Not only is there 95 miles of breathtaking coastline, but delve a little deeper and you can physically 'walk throught time' as it reveals 185 million years of life on earth, showcasing the three Dinosaur periods known as Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Let us guide you through time so you can experience the wonders that are to be discovered along the way......

We pride ourselves as being Ambassadors for the Jurassic Coast. Plan your adventure with us and get the most from your visit, Learn more about the geology and fossils of this world famous coastline.

Walks and tours can be tailored to suit all ages and abilities. They are led by a qualified, insured & experienced Coastal Leader.

Walks and tours can be arranged for individuals, couples, families or groups.

We have nearly 10 years of experience guiding walks along the Jurassic Coast


Contact us to arrange your guided walk on the Jurassic Coast.... With a professonally guided walk, you can be sure you'll get the most from your trip



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