It's clear that Martin, The person behind Jurassic Coast Guides, is deeply connected to the coast and has a strong passion for the Jurassic Coast's natural beauty and history. His upbringing near Dorset shores and his childhood experiences exploring the area with his parents have instilled in him a profound love for the coast. His days spent fossil hunting and walking along the coast path have contributed to shaping his identity and expertise in his field.

Martin's dedication to his coastal roots is matched by his professional qualifications and experiences. He possesses the nationally recognized qualification for leading guided walks and is a qualified Mountain Leader, indicating his expertise in leading outdoor activities and navigation. He has also spent considerable time leading various groups including his own long-distance walking group and Duke of Edinbrugh groups based in the Purbecks. These experiences have not only enriched his knowledge of the Dorset and Devon coastline but also the surrounding countryside where he meticulously plans his walks.

His expertise and commitment to promoting the beauty of the coast were recognised by Ordnance Survey in 2017 when he was chosen as  an ambassador for their GetOutside initiative. This further highlights his status as an expert in coastal exploration and his ability to guide others in appreciating the outdoors.

Beyond his affinity for coastal paths, Martin's interest extends to the pebbly beaches that hold the secrets of the Jurassic Coast's ancient history. As a professional fossil hunter, he is well-versed in locating and identifying fossils and he's enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with others. His personal experiences of discovering these ancient treasures has given him a unique perspective and he takes joy in helping newcomers experience the same excitment.


Martin's achievements extend beyond ordinary discoveries, as he can proudly lay claim to unearthing rare dinosaur remains on this very coastline. The awe and exhilaration that accompany revealing an entity that has remained concealed for millions of years are sentiments he holds first-hand.



Martin's remarkable achievements in the field of guiding and tourism are evident through his impressive collection of awards. His dedication and commitment to providing exceptional experenices for visitors have garnered him several prestigious accolades:

  • Gold Award at the 2018 Dorset Tourim Awards for 'Guided Tour of the year': this award recognises Martin's outstanding guided tours, highlighting his ability to captivate and engage tourists while showcasing the beauty and attractions of Dorset.
  • Gold Award at the 2019 & 2020 Dorset Tourism Awards for 'Experience of the year' (Active or Learning) and 'International Visitor Experience of the year': these awards reflect Martin's exceptional skills in creating memorable and immersive experiences for UK and international visitors.  
  • Silver Award at the 2021/22 Dorset Awards for 'Experience of the year' (Active orLearning) this award reflect Martin's exceptional skills in creating memorable and immersive experiences for visitors.
  •  Gold Award at the 2020/2021 South West Tourism Awards for 'Experience Of The Year' (Active Or Learning): This award further validates Martin's commitment to delivering exceptional active or learning experiences. His ability to consistently provide engaging and educational tours contributes to his status as a top-tier guide in the South West region.

The recognition in the "Active Or Learning" category underscores his ability to engage tourists in educational and physically active experiences. The "International Visitor Experience Of The Year" award demonstrates his proficiency in catering to visitors from around the world, providing them with unique and captivating experiences. Martin's accomplishments showcase his dedication to delivering top-notch tourism experiences and his ability to stand out in a competitive industry. His multi-award winning status is a testament to his passion for sharing his knowledge and creating unforgettable memories for visitors.


In 2019 Martin was also selected as a finalist for the

'Tourism Superstar Awards' by Visit England.

Beating hundreds of nominees, he made the top ten as a finalist.

This award recognises the dedication and passion of individuals working in the tourism industry who go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure visitors to England have an unforgettable experience.

He believes a professonally guided walk or tour on the Jurassic Coast is the key to ensure you get the most from your visit. Through experience and the correct training, Martin will always aim to provide a safe environment for you to relax and enjoy your walks and tours!


All walks and tours are bespoke and can be tailored to suit your requirements, let us take you to all the best view points and show you the best of the Jurassic Coast.


All walks and tours are guided by a qualified, experienced and fully insured Mountain Leader. We also hold a outdoor first aid qualification to lead groups on the Jurassic Coast.  Book your personal guided walk or tour with us and learn about the Geological history and fossils of this world famous coastline


Please contact us for more details and locations of our walks, tours and fossil hunts.


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