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  • Simon Lamb (Tuesday, April 16 24 06:31 pm BST)

    Five Go Fossiling! This was a birthday surprise for my wife - with close friends. We had an hour initially getting briefed on fossils, whence they came, and the common types we should expect to find. A very educational introduction delivered in a humourous way - and with key safety guidelines. We then had three hours on the beach, with Martin's expert facilitation, applying what we learned hunting down fossils. We had a hugely enjoyable afternoon with expert tuition. We took away a number of fossils we found to cement our experience. Martin was a wonderful guide, fun and informative. A great experience - and a great surprise gift.

  • Michelle (Friday, August 25 23 09:29 pm BST)

    Absolutely brilliant experience with Martin on Sunday. 3 adults and 2 children aged 5 & 6. Would highly recommend going with an experienced guide, as a family we felt safe and had some of Martin’s knowledge to know what we were looking for. Got some great finds on our experience, and we feel we could and know now what to look for on our own adventures. Wear suitable footwear as it can be muddy and slippery. Thanks Martin

  • Libby (Wednesday, February 23 22 11:07 pm GMT)

    Awesome fossil experience with Martin today! THANK YOU!

    The safety talk was invaluable, much appreciated 👍🏻

    Your imprint teaching method was amazing, for fifty somethings and eight-yr-olds!
    [oh no it isn't!]
    [oh yes it is!]

    Tea, Rex!

    And following your great advice we found ammonites, belamnites, a crinoid and quite a lot of coprolites! 💩

    Thank you so much, your enthusiasm, knowledge and Dino jokes were brilliant and inspiring!

  • Robin Camps (Wednesday, October 28 20 01:37 pm GMT)

    I need to say a Thank You to Martin. He provided an informative and enjoyable instruction on finding fossils and then we went for a walk on the beach. There are other things to look out for that help you to home in on the hot spots. A great activity for big and little kids alike.

  • Jane (Sunday, January 05 20 02:06 pm GMT)

    Really enjoyed our fossil walk on 2 January 2020. Martin got across the essential information we needed to find fossils, and safely, in a very entertaining way. Then it was hands-on on the beach. The time whizzed by. Don't want to say too much more as it would spoil the experience of anyone thinking to do one of these walks. Highly recommended.

  • Suzanne (Wednesday, October 16 19 06:56 pm BST)

    This was a highlight of the trip a friend and I were on and I am so glad we were able to have the experience. Every aspect was truly excellent. Martin guided us following his introduction to what we were looking for that was fascinating and entertaining. It was a wonderful time in a beautiful location being guided by a generous and highly skilled professional. Don't miss this opportunity, it was truly the best!

  • Nick Tree (Thursday, October 03 19 12:35 pm BST)

    I hired Martin for an 11 mile / 7 hour guided walk along a stretch of the Jurassic coast from Lulworth Cove on Mon 30th Sep. As it was my first ‘proper walk’ I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially weather-wise, but I went with an open mind and I was not disappointed. It had everything; challenging terrain (it’s not called the Dorset rollercoaster for nothing!), great views, kind weather conditions to start with, pelting rain to end with and superb direction and support from Martin all along.
    He was very knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful from the moment I contacted him to book it. He gave me great advice about the best equipment to buy so that I would come properly prepared to get the maximum benefit from the walk. During the day he was very informative, supportive and encouraging when the going got a bit tough, especially when the rain hit us for 2 hours!
    Martin is an excellent professional with a great inter-personal style that made this one of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences that I have ever had and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to discover the joy of walking along any part of this beautiful world-heritage coastline.

  • Mael & Vlad (Monday, September 16 19 10:08 am BST)

    We booked a private fossil hunt with Martin this weekend and couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. We had our guide all for ourselves as we were the only couple on the tour this morning, and what a day on the coast we had ! Great weather, great finds (we were even allowed to keep them, which we didn’t know we could), it was a very lucky day. Martin is passionate and knowledgeable and it will show with humour and enthusiasm - both of them very contagious ! We enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommended, as knowing what to look for and how to find it is fundamental. « Your best tool is your eyes. »

  • Saly (Sunday, September 15 19 11:13 am BST)

    Martin is a great guide. His talk was interesting and engaging and without that I am sure we would not have found so many interesting fossils.

  • Helen Bosher (Monday, September 02 19 02:54 pm BST)

    Martin's talk is educational and find for all ages, would 100% recommend, and we found some wonderful fossils!

  • Mary Barr (Saturday, August 24 19 02:32 pm BST)

    Excellent education about how to find fossils on your own along that stretch of Jurassic Coast. It certainly makes me want to go back and search frequently in the hopes of finding something really good...

  • Ray Welsh (Thursday, August 22 19 06:23 pm BST)

    We had a great morning and found many fossils on the beach thanks to Martin's fun and educational session beforehand.

  • Heather Walker (Wednesday, August 14 19 08:59 pm BST)

    We were 3 generations in our party, all equally fascinated by all that Martin taught us and then showed us. A fabulous morning. Thank you.

  • Anna (Wednesday, August 14 19 04:44 pm BST)

    My daughter and I had a fantastic fossil hunt with Martin. He has a brilliant way of explaining things and helping you to remember them. Even for my brain at 8.30am! We learnt how to find fossils with our eyes and believe me, we found many. Martin was very easy to be with and even my very quiet daughter was happy to show him her finds and ask if they were fossils or not. He let us find the fossils ourselves, just giving us little clues to find them if he’d seen something. We can’t wait to put our knowledge into practice again. Thank you Martin for a great morning.

  • Andrew Fox (Friday, August 09 19 08:23 am BST)

    Fantastic afternoon spent with Martin on Chelworth Beach yesterday. In the words of one of our Grandsons “Absolutely Awesome!!” Highly recommend family activity. Thank you Martin.

  • Sarah Cartland (Wednesday, July 31 19 07:23 pm BST)

    A terrific outing and excellent value. I did this morning’s fossil walk with my two boys (10 and 7) and it really was the highlight of our holiday so far. There’s a long information session at the start covering safety and fossil-spotting but it is well worth it as it means you know exactly what to look for, and how, once you’re on the beach. Both my children found full ammonites (and plenty of other fossils) and were thoroughly engrossed looking for them. We are, of course, going back tomorrow morning on our own to continue our hunt!

  • Graham Maunder (Wednesday, July 31 19 06:00 pm BST)

    Thanks Martin for a really fun and productive morning of fossil hunting. The initial briefing was excellent and we were really amazed at how effective it made us once we got into the beach. We are planning to go and look again again first thing tomorrow before we head home.

  • Susan (Monday, July 08 19 04:58 pm BST)

    Enjoyed our fossil hunt and education with Martin. Grandma and son also enjoyed the day. Thanks, Martin.

    Just saw some ammonites in the Natural History Museum. Check. Got that covered.

  • Jo Symes (Saturday, June 22 19 01:20 pm BST)

    We absolutely loved our fossil walk. Martin was very clear in his explanations. We learnt a lot and will definitely be coming back.


  • William Murray (Sunday, June 16 19 08:40 am BST)

    Myself and my four year old son went on one of Martins walks and it was brilliant. My four year old said he now loves fossils more then dinosaurs at the end. It was informative , educational and time went so fast . Martin made it fun and we found some fossils.

  • Diana (Monday, June 10 19 11:09 am BST)

    We had a great day out with Martin. He made it fun but very informative and is passionate about his work. Our grandchildren had a fantastic time and also taught them about the dangers on the beach. They also found some fabulous fossils.

  • The Walker Family (Sunday, June 09 19 02:43 pm BST)

    Spending time with Martin has sown the seed of what I'm sure will become a life-long hobby for three generations of one family. Moreover his teaching has ensured that we will be safe and respectful of this valuable environment.
    Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience, Martin!

  • Suzanne Bosarge (Wednesday, June 05 19 09:05 pm BST)

    Martin was absolutely amazing on our fossil walk. Not only did he explain everything so clearly, he did it in a way that was very easy to remember. He also helped us find fossils if we were having trouble. He was very informative and knows his business. Most of all he made it fun.

    Martin not only made the day memorable but our trip to England.

  • Carol Hernandez (Saturday, June 01 19 05:17 pm BST)

    Hi Martin,
    Your tour was a perfect introduction to fossil hunting for the complete beginner. We found it very informative and enjoyable. You were an entertaining teacher who made it fun and engaging for all of us on his tour.

  • Eleanor Shelton (Sunday, April 21 19 07:33 pm BST)

    Martin was great - knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic.Thanks to him we were able to find things we never would have otherwise. My husband and I had a fabulous time - highly recommend!

  • Christine L (Sunday, April 21 19 07:09 pm BST)

    Martin made our fossil hunt a real occasion, his pre beach walk had everybody interested and well prepared to have the best chance of finding fossils. From youngest to oldest we were all inspired. Martin was very knowledgable and answered all our questions. All agreed it was a highlight of the week.

  • Lucy Wright-Booth (Saturday, April 13 19 04:40 pm BST)

    We had a great day with Martin. He was very informative and we all learnt a lot. The kids absolutely loved it and want to go again soon!

  • Paul Zollinger-Read (Saturday, March 30 19 08:34 pm GMT)

    Had a great week walking the Jurasic Coast with Martin. Spectacular scenery: Martin is very knowledgable and a really informative guide. Lots to see and learn about the geological history of this coast ... and if you want to see fossils..... this is the place

  • Kathleen (Tuesday, February 26 19 04:45 pm GMT)

    We had a wonderful fossil walk with Martin at the weekend. He spent time explaining what to look for, in a really interactive way with humour and was very engaging. Then time on the beach where we put our new fossil hunting skills to the test.....and found fossils. My 6 year old had a great time and we put our skills to the test the next day on a different beach and found more fossils! Thank you Martin! I would really recommend these walks.

  • Polly (Wednesday, January 02 19 07:06 am GMT)

    Finding a fossil has always been high up on my husband's bucket list so I found Martin through this website to help us. What a fantastic few hours! With his humour and passion he taught us so much, information that really sticks in the brain long after you come off the beach. My husband found some and the joy of it didn't disappoint. We shall return. Thank you Martin.

  • Katie (Friday, October 26 18 05:45 pm BST)

    Martins walks are very informative and engaging. He has such patience with children. And showed so much enthusiasm when my little one was showing her finds.
    Highly recommended

  • Katie (Friday, October 26 18 05:42 pm BST)

    Such a fascinating and engaging fossil walk. The talk at the beginning was very informative and fun.
    Martin is so patient with children and showed my little girl such enthusiasm even when it was just a rock!
    Highly recommended

  • Crystal Miles (Wednesday, October 24 18 09:48 pm BST)

    Our first venture into fossil hunting on a family trip to the jurassic coast. Booking this session was hands down the best decision we could have made. Martin's passion and knowledge has rubbed off on all of us and we have caught the fossil hunting bug! Our children (3 and 8yrs) were fully engaged throughout and I would recommend for all ages. Thanks again Martin!

  • Steph and Simon (Wednesday, October 24 18 09:43 pm BST)

    Had a fantastic morning with Martin. We were a mixed group of kids and grown up kids....he captivated all of us with his knowledge and humour. We learnt so much in quite a short period of time before practising our new found skills hunting on the beach. Amazingly everyone in the group found a few fossils, with Martin on hand to train our eyes. He was very generous with his time. I highly recommend him as a guide.

  • Talit and Gavin (Tuesday, October 16 18 09:18 pm BST)

    Martin hosted an engaging and interesting afternoon of fossil hunting for us. His passion, knowledge and patience were much appreciated and he managed to make us feel like children again! I would highly recomend his services to juniors and seniors alike. You won’t regret it!

  • Alison Wood (Saturday, October 13 18 06:39 pm BST)

    What a great day out! Martin was fantastic with the children. I have never seen them so engaged - even during the health and safety talk! Because of Martin's great teaching style we were able to identity fossils we most definitely would have missed otherwise. He showed us where and how to look for fossils and we were absolutely delighted with our finds, which included ammonites, bellemitres and even some coprolites. My son was especially thrilled with his dinosaur poo!

  • Elizabeth Bainbridge (Sunday, September 09 18 07:40 pm BST)

    Thank you for a wonderful morning fossil finding talk and walk Martin. As a group we had so much fun and really appreciated your guidance and patience! We found so many interesting fossils. Thank you for making it such an interesting and engaging experience.

  • Richard Parkes (Tuesday, September 04 18 03:58 pm BST)

    Martin thank you for a great Fossil Experience. We were two grandparents (fossils...) and two grandsons of 10 and 11 and you were perfect for us all. Your enthusiasm is a joy and we came away with lots of fossils and happy memories. Spot on!

  • Nina Tomlin (Monday, September 03 18 05:49 pm BST)

    Great time and very informative - we really enjoyed the learning and looking and will be back again on another holiday!

  • Anthony Burt (Thursday, August 23 18 10:09 am BST)

    Martin made it a very enjoyable experience my granddaughter picked up so much info on the different types of fossils and what to look for - worth every penny

    Learnt a lot

  • Laurent Koelink (Wednesday, August 22 18 08:31 am BST)

    Thanks Martin, your knowledge and enthusiasm about everything fossil was contagious. We had a great time and learned a lot.

  • Barbara Green (Sunday, August 19 18 10:56 am BST)

    That was brill thanks for your help - Silas (aged 10). The highlight of our holiday, a great day that appealed to the whole family (aged 10-65). We all found ammonites, belemnites and Silas found a crinoid stem We fossil hunted every day for the remainder of our holiday.

  • David McCreadie (Monday, August 13 18 08:47 am BST)

    Great fossil walk with Martin. My 6 year old and I enjoyed whole day. Very interesting talk to begin then onto the fossil hunt. We know exactly what we are looking for each time now. Reassuring focus on safety and a mix of good humour too.

  • Wendy Hocking (Sunday, August 05 18 10:31 pm BST)

    Thank you Martin for a fascinating afternoon of fossil hunting. We stayed on the beach for a couple more hours, armed with all the knowledge you very enthusiastically shared with us. People from other groups were even asking you questions. We certainly made the right choice to choose your group. A memorable birthday indeed.

  • Martin Bunce (Friday, August 03 18 11:37 pm BST)

    Thanks Martin for a very enjoyable afternoon, fossil hunting made simple! We came away with a loads of treasure that we would have missed before we had our new easy to understand knowledge, I would highly recommend a walk with Martin. One suggestion, perhaps a simple printed sheet to take away with a reminder of the shapes colours and names of the fossils we discussef and looked for

  • Dr Uttom Chowdhury (Friday, August 03 18 11:19 pm BST)

    Such a logical and simple approach to fossil hunting. Martin made it simple and fun for our 8 year old daughter yet stimulating for our 16 year old son. We learnt so much in a short time. He clearly is so knowledgeable but its his passion and enthusiasm that has rubbed off on us. Thank you so much.

  • Ruairi Corr (Wednesday, August 01 18 08:57 pm BST)

    Cracking day yesterday with Martin at Charmouth beach. He was very knowledgeable, I learnt loads about fossils. I would highly recommend him and would love to go back and find more fossils and learn more about them. 😀

  • Deirdre Corr (Wednesday, August 01 18 08:45 pm BST)

    My blind son went on one of Martin's guided walks yesterday and had a great time. Martin was so helpful and informative. Will book again!

  • Douglas Anderson (Tuesday, July 31 18 07:23 pm BST)

    Fantastic & informative day with the family on Charmouth beach. Martin is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent way of keeping the kids engaged and passing on meaningful techniques and details that can be used again in the future. Fantastic and highly recommended!

  • Steve Hollins (Tuesday, July 31 18 06:52 pm BST)

    Me and two teenage kids went out with Martin on a hot July day. The kids were a bit sceptical beforehand but thanks to the informative pre-talk they were kept busy all morning looking for fossils. We actually found quite a few despite the difficult conditions. Thanks Martin, thoroughly recommended.

Carol Young, Scotland 'Thank you Martin for a great day fossil hunting yesterday and the guided walk to golden cap view point and west bay. The whole family were very impressed that we found some actual fossils for ourselves and your enthusiasm is infectious as Simon and I were out first thing this morning in our little sea cove and found a huge haul of devils toenails which had you not taught us what to look out for we would've just carried on walking over oblivious what was underfoot!'


Richard Haynes, UK 'Martin guided seven blind veterans during a week of walking on the Jurassic coast. It was a truly epic week which was taxing both physically and mentally.  Martin’s knowledge of the geography and history, combined with his enthusiasm,  ensured we experienced the wonders of this beautiful and interesting coastline.  If you have never experienced the Jurassic coast, Martin will ensure you get to see the very best of it.  Martin, from the seven Blind Veteran members, a huge thank you, the week was awesome and one we definitely will not forget!'


Dana Thayer, New York 'We had a fabulous half-day guided tour with Martin. He is the master of taking his clients to the perfect view spot, was really knowledgeable about geology and fossils, and covered multiple sections of the Jurassic Coast with a mix of driving and hiking. A few bonus Broadchurch filming locations were really a thrill.  Thank you, Martin!'


Frank Peters, Dutch travel photographer and journalist 'Martin Curtis didn't just guide me on a trip, he guided me through the story of the Jurassic Coast. I felt the passion he has for 'his' coastline and that goes further than just the hotspots and the main stories. He took me to the highlights and the places off the beaten track. I found fossils, stood in the footprints of dinosaurs and enjoyed the best views the Jurassic Coast has to offer'


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